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Freshy WordPress security features

Your website and its users deserve the best WordPress security experts.

Discover safe, secure, and reliable security for your WordPress website with a professional WordPress security provider.

Including WordPress security audits, backups, malware scans, and daily monitoring, our WordPress website security services provide everything you need to keep your site secure.

Reduce WordPress security risks and give your business and your customers the website security they deserve — with Freshy’s professional WordPress security — backed by years of experience and trusted by thousands of businesses.

Real-time backups stored in the cloud

Regular and multiple backups are essential for the best WordPress security. We conduct frequent redundant backups to the cloud to give you peace of mind should the worst happen.

Custom login page for extra security

Keep hackers at bay with an optional custom login page. By hiding your login page with a custom URL, you make it harder for unscrupulous actors to find it, adding another layer of protection to your business.

Regular malware scans for threat protection

Malware attacks can put your customers’ data and your website at risk, and it’s something we take seriously at Freshy. We conduct regular malware WordPress security scans to protect against any threat, keeping your website secure and protected, 24/7.

Daily monitoring for security protection

WordPress security issues can occur at any time. Our regular website security scans give you round-the-clock protection so your website remains operational for you and your customers.

Up-to-date SSL certificates

SSL certificates are a must with any website security services if you want to keep your customers’ data secure. Protect server-client communication, keep sensitive data secure, and let your customers know they can trust you.

Secure and reliable database protection

Enjoy the benefits of professional database protection for your WordPress site. Secure site architecture, user authentication, and encryption to keep your information and your customers’ information safe.

Plugins and themes assessment for total WordPress security

Not all plugins and themes are helpful for your site — some can slow your WordPress website down and make it vulnerable to attacks. We conduct a WordPress security audit on your plugins and themes, ensuring they are safe and secure — which greatly reduces WordPress security issues. Managed plugin updates are also available to ensure your site is always up to date.

Plus way more WordPress security features

Additional security measures are implemented and available for Freshy client sites — some complimentary by default, while others are available upon request. These range from spam prevention and CDNs, to load balancing, automatic failover, 2FA, and more.

Looking for more specifics?

We’ve compiled a list of Freshy’s WordPress site security features and implementations.

Your professional WordPress security experts

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Nick Paliughi
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Alisa Cognard
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Kathryn Sanders
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Avary Cooney
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Comprehensive WordPress security audit service

Concerned about security for WordPress sites?

We offer comprehensive WordPress security audit tools, assessing everything we need to ensure your site remains safe and secure. Our security audit checklist includes:

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Reach out to our WordPress security experts to provide an audit and implementation on your site with out website security services

Common WordPress security issues and threats

Hackers, malware, and cyber attackers have become increasingly sophisticated. Every website is at risk of security threats, and WordPress websites are no exception.

There are a variety of potential security threats facing your websites today, that warrant WordPress protection. These include:

These are just a few of the security threats that most website and WordPress users are at risk of. At Freshy, we are aware of all the risks to your WordPress site and plan and prepare for them accordingly.

Our team of skilled and experienced WordPress security experts understands the potential vulnerabilities facing your site, and are able to protect against and resolve any issue that might arise. When you choose Freshy for your WordPress security solution, you know you’re in safe hands and that your business’ website can stay operating, come what may.

Beautiful client websites using WordPress site security

Beyond a beautiful website, our clients (and their visitors) expect a secure WordPress site to be fast and reliable. We deliver both.

Scorpion Security Products
Scorpion Security Products
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Arnot Ogden School of Nursing
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Only safe and secure WordPress security plugins

One of the best features of WordPress is the variety of plugins available to customize your website.

From contact forms and language features to marketing analytics and SEO functions, there is a plugin for virtually everything you need. There are even plugins for WordPress security.

But while plugins are great for customizing your site, they should be approached with caution.

Not all plugins are reliable, and some unscrupulous people often use them to hack into your site and threaten your WordPress security. If you install an unsafe plugin, you could put your and your customers’ data and security at serious risk.

Trusted WordPress security plugins and tools

At Freshy, we only ever use selected trusted plugins for your WordPress website. We conduct rigorous checks on any potential plugins to ensure they meet our high standards of security for your WordPress site. If they’re anything less than perfect, we won’t use them for your site.

Regular safety audits

We also conduct regular a WordPress security audit to ensure all your plugins are safe and uncompromised. Our regular updates also keep your plugins secure and protected from any malicious hackers.

Beyond a typical one-time WordPress security check

When you choose Freshy for your WordPress security, you can rest easy knowing we go above and beyond to protect your business’ website from every angle, withj a proactive approach, and an ongoing basis — 24/7.

Safe, secure, & serious WordPress security for websites of all sizes.

Happy WordPress security clients

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We highly recommend Freshy for all your website needs. They have been excellent to work with as we developed, implemented, and updated our website. They are extremely responsive and usually responded to any request within hours (if not minutes!). They were knowledgeable, patient, and guided us through every step of the process. I would recommend them to anyone considering a website design or update project. They will also host the site; making sure the site is secure and will quickly update anything one wishes to have completed!

Sheila Snyder
Union Center United Methodist Church

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