Professional WordPress speed optimization services

If you’ve ever struggled to use a slow website, you probably understand the value of speed and WordPress optimization.

However, not all WordPress websites operate the same way. As such, each site requires different settings and tools to help it run at maximum performance. This process of tailoring these settings to suit your unique site is called WordPress speed optimization – and it can be vital. Studies show that your conversion rates decrease an average of 4.42 percent for each second of load time. Additionally, longer wait times can also hurt your page rankings.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert to improve your website’s user experience. With Freshy, you can nail WordPress speed optimization without lifting a finger. Our WordPress speed service will analyze each feature of your site, and help you deliver lightning-fast performance.

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Freshy WordPress site speed optimization features

We use our cutting-edge technology and years of experience to deliver the best possible experience for your users.

Here are just a few of the ways we work to speed up your site.

Speed improvements

From initial WordPress speed optimization tests and making suggested site speed adjustments, to implementing the fixes to improve the WordPress site load times.

Testing and development work

After making our WordPress site speed optimization, we thoroughly test our changes for website performance optimization including testing of the CDN implementation.

WordPress optimization reporting

Throughout the process of WordPress page speed optimization, we assess improvements and record our findings. This will help you understand our decisions as well as see the results “on paper”.

Customized suggestions

Following speed improvement best-practices, tailored to WordPress, ensures that our website performance optimization services are always relevant and effective.

Let’s break down these WordPress speed optimization service, so you can better understand the impact and benefits of each. We’ll walk you through the process of improving your WordPress website speed, using our best-practice methods backed by proven results.

WordPress speed up service:
A complete audit and website performance optimization

Most successful projects start with a plan. That’s why we take the time to understand your website as-is.

A thorough audit helps us understand what’s working for your site and what’s not. Once we’re familiar with your unique setup, we can start taking the page speed optimization service to the next level with maximum efficiency.

First, we’ll run an initial WordPress speed optimization test and review the results

We believe that understanding your needs is the first step towards achieving your goals. As such, the first thing we do is conduct an intensive audit. This gives us the opportunity to tailor our services to your site’s specific speed requirements.

We start off WordPress optimization with an initial speed test of your site. This includes both the desktop version as well as its mobile performance. We leverage these tools to obtain a holistic view of your page across different locations and devices.

Then we consult the results. Since there are many different aspects that could slow down your site, this step is essential. For example, sometimes a single poorly-made plugin is the culprit. Other times, the issue is more severe and occurs at the server level.

Furthemore, a slow loading time is often the result of various factors working together. This can result in a digital puzzle. Nevertheless, it’s one we’re capable of solving!

We use our initial test results to untie the knot and discover how each element is impacting your site’s performance. This data will in turn inform our approach to our WordPress speed optimization services for your unique site.

Then we’ll make suggested adjustments according to multiple site speed tools

Another way we ensure that no speed bumps go unmissed is by using multiple analytics solutions. There are a variety of testing tools available, and we use several of the best to cover all the bases.

This is essential, because different solutions return different results. For example, one tool might suggest reducing the amount of unused code on the page. However, another program may prioritize opting for better image compression. In many cases, both improvements will be essential to making your site run at its best.

We synthesize these results to create a unique report. Then we use the resulting information to precisely apply WordPress speed optimization techniques.

After that, it’s time to perform WordPress speed optimization to improve loading times

After we’ve done our research, we dive into the serious side: applying the necessary changes. You don’t have to worry about navigating a complex user guide or interpreting technical lingo. Our technicians will take care of it all. That means you can spend more time on your site’s content.

Let’s say your site has a large ‘network payload’ – a part of your site that requires a lot of digital resources to load. This might be caused by any number of on-page elements, such as a poorly-optimized third-party program or multiple large video files.

Next, we’ll take swift steps towards WordPress speed optimization. For example, our research might suggest that lazy loading – where assets are only processed when a user needs to see them – is the solution. We might also pair this with a top-tier caching solution for good measure.

Regardless of the problems we find, you can rest assured that the Freshy team will apply the necessary changes. Furthermore, we’ll give you tips on how to avoid slow loading times in the future. Our team pairs practical action with simple advice for a long-lasting speed solution.

WordPress optimization custom to your website

We’ve built over 2,000 WordPress websites over the years. We understand that not all websites are built in a cookie-cutter fashion. Therefore the care of implementing WordPress site speed optimization needs to be customized per website.

Miner Homes Granby
Miner Homes Granby
American Guild of Musical Artists
American Guild of Musical Artists

Testing and development of WordPress speed service

Your website is unique. This means that typical WordPress speed optimization solutions might not always be right for your site.

As such, we also apply rigorous testing after our changes are in place.

  1. This helps us ensure that our services are customized specifically to meet your needs. We’ll put your page through countless speed tests. We’ll obsess over the changes in every metric, and find ways to improve them even more.
  2. Furthermore, we apply this approach to hosting as well. Our provider Pressable is one of the best in the business. We can take its lightning-fast features to the next level with the use of a Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  3. A CDN is a collection of servers in different geographical areas. Since physical distance from a server can impact load times, closer centers means faster speeds. By implementing a CDN, we can make sure that users are receiving your content from the nearest possible location.
  4. However, if you’re not interested in making that change, we’ll help you find an alternative solution. Our approach to WordPress speed optimization is focused on you. We’ll help you deliver your content as fast as possible on your own terms.

Reporting – both before and after WordPress speed optimization

We may take the process of speeding up your site off your hands, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be left in the dark. Our website speed optimization services include both the initial reports we covered earlier, as well as a final assessment. That way, you can see exactly what we’ve done to improve your page.

Not only do these records keep you informed, but they can also be valuable resources. We’re happy to explain any of the decisions we’ve made. Moreover, we can show you how much each change has contributed to your new speed.

That can help you make more informed decisions. For instance, let’s say we’ve replaced a third-party plugin. This has resulted in better loading times, but you would still prefer to use that program. Our reports can help you understand the resulting speed difference if you choose to re-download it.

Customized suggestions based on best practices

Technology changes every day. We can help your website keep up.

By tracking the newest developments in faster loading times, we can provide the most updated suggestions for your site.

Most recently, this has meant taking into account Google’s ‘Core Web Vitals’. These are the markers Google uses to measure a page’s user experience.

These metrics took on new importance for WordPress speed optimization recently. As of June 2021, Core Web Vitals are now a ranking factor. That means your site’s performance will directly impact how high it appears in a user’s Google search (or whether it shows up at all).

With this shift towards speed impacting your site as a whole, it’s more important than ever to keep an eye on these values. Our team can help you max out your score, and stay on top of any other changes in the coming days.

FYI: some things to know about WordPress speed optimization services

We understand that having control over your site’s appearance is important. However, speed has a greater effect on user experience than style. That is why we might make some changes to your site’s design to achieve top-tier performance.

For instance, poorly-coded themes can drag your site’s speed down. A beautiful front end does not imply an equally elegant hidden structure. You could be sacrificing usability and page rankings for the sake of looks.

In this case, we might suggest that you opt for a simpler and more lightweight solution. Alternatively, we might be able to customize a theme with only minor issues to make it more speed-efficient.

Of course, any of these changes could alter your site’s style. We understand that this might matter to you just as much as WordPress speed optimization. As such, we’ll encourage you to consider this possibility at the beginning of the web optimization service.

Our team does its best to provide you with elite WordPress speed optimization. However, it’s unlikely that your website is an unchanging entity. Therefore, any actions you take after we’ve implemented our website speed optimization solutions could impact your results.

For example, we might suggest that you use the ‘view more’ tag on blog posts and articles. This can speed up load times by only showing content to visitors as it’s needed. If you decide not to use this feature or remove it after the fact, your load times may dip.

The same applies to any new third-party programs you download after we’re done. A website’s speed is dynamic. As such, it will ebb and flow with your decisions as its owner. That’s why we’ll arm you with the WordPress speed best practices that can help your pages stay in top condition!

Improve your WordPress site speed

A faster site is just minutes away

With WordPress optimization, a fast website is a subtle yet powerful asset.

Better speeds can improve the experience for users and boost your search rankings. Fortunately, our team at Freshy can help improve your site’s performance with personalized suggestions.

On this page, we’ve shown you how we approach WordPress speed optimization with a holistic viewpoint. From rigorous initial testing to final customized suggestions, we’ll be right by your side for the fastest possible results. Our current clients are a testament to our ability to implement effective WordPress site speed optimization.

I had Freshy take over the hosting of our website. Hosting that you can count on matters. Page loads are no longer an issue. The transition was handled in a professional, attentive and timely manner. Communications whether via phone, e-mail or a video chat have always been on time, efficient and effective. And follow through is real.

John Aviste
Edge On Science

Doing business with Ben and his team at Freshy was a great experience from start to finish. Their knowledgeable team helped us with SEO and we are already seeing positive results because of their work. Their insights, strategies, and valuable in-depth knowledge of search engine optimization helped take our web presence to the next level.

Ryan Tronovitch
Buckingham Manufacturing

I would 100% recommend Freshy! If you are looking for a great team to work with that can provide you with support, professional website design and an amazing product — this is it! Freshy designed my website for me over four years ago and I cannot thank them and their team enough!

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Katie Barlow Dance Projects

Let’s improve your site speed with WordPress optimization

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