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How Freshy support works

Once your website is launched, Freshy provides one full hour of complimentary support. No questions asked! The specifics?

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Need help with a quick adjustment? Freshy is happy to provide free support to help with any small edits needed for your website! This includes everything from text updates, photo adjustments, and form changes! Fill out the form above or email the support team directly [email protected]

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Have a larger project or new functionality you’d like to add to your website now that it is live? No problem, we can help with that too! We will start by working together to understand your needs and then move forward with putting together a formal scope. Once approved, your project will be started!

Monthly retainer

Did you really enjoy working with Freshy during the build process and are looking to have us continue working with you on regular updates to your website? Contact us today and we can discuss a formal monthly retainer option based on your needs!

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Frequently asked questions

SSL stands for secure sockets layer. It’s a standard security protocol for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This ensures that all data transmitted between the web server and the browser remains encrypted.

An SSL certificate is required with all Freshy websites to maintain security for your site and our servers.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is built into the DNA of all of our websites! At Freshy, we are happy to help with both on-page SEO and local SEO.

Freshy on-page SEO process gives your website the foundational tools for high visibility and successful ranking for your target keywords, key phrases and/or locations.

Freshy’s ‘local SEO’ process involves claiming and optimizing (or creating and optimizing) your Google My Business profile, which is a listing on Google that includes your business or organization name, address, phone number, hours, website and so forth.

There is no question that having a quick loading time is essential for increased traffic, top-notch user experience, and higher rank in search engine results pages (SERPs). It is dependent on a variety of factors including server configuration, HTML structure, JavaScript files, images, CSS and more.

At Freshy, we take a value-based approach. We believe that the actual speed, feel and overall appeal of your website is infinitely more important than any score your site may receive because not every page speed test score is going to be the same, or yield results that accurately reflect how fast your website really is.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA).

FreshySites LLC is owned and operated in the United States and does not by default build in GDPR compliance.  Freshy can assist in this process through a series of alterations to a client’s website and an additional scope of work.

You can log in to your website by typing /wp-admin at the end of your website url. For example, yourdomainnamehere.com/wp-admin.

If you do not already have username and password set up for your website, contact our support team and they will add you as an admin to your website!

The Freshy knowledge base is filled with basic how-to guides from ‘how to add a new page to a menu’ to ‘how to view the images in the media library.’ Browse freely through our documentation.

Notice something you want to learn is not there, reach out to us using the form above and we’d be happy to help!

After making edits to a website/webpage, you may notice that you are unable to see the changes reflected on the front-end. This is completely normal and is typically related to the browser cache! It can occur more frequently when it is a page that you have visited multiple times. The good news? Most visitors of your website will see the updated version.

A force refresh or reload will cause the browser to re-check with the web server to make sure it has the latest copy of the web page you are viewing. Here are keyboard shortcuts for force refreshing your browser:

Press “Ctrl +Shift + R” (PC)
Press “Command + Shift + R” (Mac)

You can also test this by viewing the webpage in an incognito window or on your mobile device.

Do not worry! Freshy has a daily backup of your site for an entire month.

If your website ever breaks, or you accidentally delete a page that you weren’t supposed to for example, just email our support team or call the office (607) 238-2789 and let them know when you noticed the website broke.

Our team will be able to roll back your website to a previously working version very quickly and confirm once it is completed/working again!

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