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Freshy + American Guild of Musical Artists
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About American Guild of Musical Artists
The American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA), serves as the labor union for opera, ballet, concert dance, and concert choral performers in the United States. As a national union boasting a membership of more than 6,000 artists, AGMA is dedicated to advocating for and safeguarding the employment and artistic rights of its members.

Project summary

Faced with impending and mandatory codebase updates on their WordPress website, AGMA engaged with Freshy to evaluate the extent to which the updates would affect the front-facing website functionality and overall user experience. Freshy ran extensive testing on the site, including a simulation of the exact codebase updates. From there we reviewed each page and all functionality on the site to determine what if anything would be affected by the code modifications.

In addition, Freshy performed an audit and analysis of the existing website framework to better understand the risks of the code update and how to best manage the site on an ongoing basis. After that was completed we presented our findings to the AGMA team and provided several recommendations on how to approach each issue and how to address the site as a whole with the upcoming code updates.

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Freshy excels in every aspect! Their exceptional performance, impressive knowledge of WordPress, and unwavering dedication to their clients sets them apart from other digital design and web developers. We were personally impressed by their prompt response time, which has remained their practice since our very first contact.

American Guild of Musical Artists

Key website features

AGMA Infrastructure Review & Analysis
AGMA Ongoing Testing & Monitoring
American Guild of Musical Artists
Kelsey Moore
Kelsey Moore
Director of Customer Experience
10 yrs WordPress experience
Erin Cortazar
Erin Cortazar
Retained Services Lead
10 yrs WordPress experience
Joe Phelps
Joe Phelps
Technical Project Manager
11 yrs WordPress experience

Meet the Freshy team who brought this project to life

The whole team at AGMA has been professional, responsive, and easy to work with. After running a full infrastructure audit on their existing site and offering our recommendations, AGMA staff were engaged and open-minded about the solutions we offered. They have consistently provided clear and timely feedback to help us ensure their operations continue to run smoothly. We are thrilled to have them as a retained services client with their own custom projects workboard and we look forward to improving upon the existing tools and user experience of the site.

Joe Phelps | Technical Project Manager | Freshy

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